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Import and export business

We, Rising Sun Traders export used trucks, construction machineries, cars, plants and automobile related parts. From 20 more years of experience in this field, we have wide range of connection with many overseas partners. Our products are purchased directly from our customers (mainly end-users) in Japan, giving us excellent price competitiveness. We operate based on the idea of reducing profits, by achieving low-cost operations with minimum office space, only few elite staff, and maximum cost reduction to satisfy our customers.

Our business, as a result, has contributed to the realization of recycling-oriented society and economic development of developing countries overseas.

Our products (Export)

Used concrete pump trucks Maker IHI Kyokto

Used buss
Maker Isuzu Hino Mitsubishi Nissan

画像 021.jpg
Used skylift

Used auger crane
Model D706 D705 D704

692s-.jpgUsed crusher Models: BR350 BR300 HR420

Used truck Maker:Isuzu
Mitsubishi Hino Nissan
Scania Volvo mercedes-benz

IMG_0727.JPGUsed construction machineries Maker Komatsu Hitachi Kobelco

004.JPGUsed car

Shipping business

In addition to our core business of exporting used materials to overseas, we are now focusing on shipping business.

For example, we shipped JR Hokkaido’s (Japan Railway) passenger cars and locomotives to Myanmar. We have also chartered ships from FESCO (Russian shipping company), to carry used trucks from Japan to Subic Bay in the Philippines.So if you are looking for cheaper fares to overseas destination, please feel free to contact us.
Our strength in this business is our low-cost operations. There are no specialized staffs, fixed costs involved in our shipping. Therefore, our fares are available with minimum profit.

IMG_1993s-.jpgWe shipped JR Hokkaido’s (Japan Railway) passenger cars and locomotives to Myanmar

P1120925s-.jpgWe chartered ships from FESCO (Russian shipping company), to carry used trucks from Japan to Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Import and export business

Our strength in this field of business is based on our extensive network throughout Asia, especially Myanmar, as we have build relationship with one of the major corporate group in Myanmar for over decades. As our domestic markets are shrinking due to the sluggish economy, many try to find their way abroad. Myanmar market is said to be "untouched". There is a great opportunity, with growing population and rich natural resource, Myanmar market has great potential as Asia’s last resort.

However, there exists high risk of entering Myanmar alone and also risk of selecting partners. We will introduce a local company suited to you and worthy of trust.
With regard to this business, we do not expect sales and profits. Myanmar has helped us for many years, and as our sense of gratitude, we would like to help those wanting to enter Myanmar as Japan's national interest in many ways. By the way, we are the only company in Japan having relationship with local BIG3 corporate groups.